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Nike and Adidas Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Nike and Adidas - Coursework Example Nike has winning strategy because it started outsourcing more in the Asian market and has no production costs hence increased profits (Kotler and Kevin 29). Discuss the manner in which each of the 5Ps (product, place, price, promotion and people) is related to customer relationship management. Support your point of view with examples of such relationships. Product refers to features and benefits of the goods or services to the customer and how this can be improved or modified. The relationship is determined by the businessman. Pricing refers to seeking the best price to offer to customers. This is a mutual relationship. Place is where locality of convenience to the customer of getting the product and the customer determines the place. Promotion is awareness creation of the existence of the product through campaign and marketing to attract the customers to the product. Promotion should target specific customers in order to form a marketing relationship with them. People refer to the staff working in the business and who interact constantly with the customers. The right employees will create good and lasting customer relationships (Kotler and Kevin

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Social networking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Social networking - Research Paper Example However, the use of these sites has caused many concerns especially due to the privacy risks involved. At this point the following issue has appeared: should the use of social networking sites be free from limitations or not? Six academic studies have been identified and are presented below for showing that social networking sites are valuable in terms of communication and exchange of information, both at individual and at business level, but their use should be set under monitoring so that the privacy of users is not threatened. Lewis (2010) explored the role of social media in a particular business sector: public relations. He found that for the specific sector the use of social media is quite important, at the level that public relations practitioners consider social media as a unique tool of communication (Lewis 1). However, this role of social media may not be clear to their users. For example, the research developed by Lewis proved that the individuals who study public relation s are not aware, at least not fully, of the potential value of social media in public relations (Lewis 17). It should be noted that most of the participants were proved to be heavy users of social networking sites (Lewis 17). ... These people, even if they do not state it clearly, prefer communication than trust; such view is verified by the fact that the existence of trust among millions of people who are unknown to each other is not feasible (Dwyer, Hiltz and Passerini 2). In the survey conducted among the members of two, popular, social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace it was revealed that the members of Facebook feel that their privacy is protected at higher level than the members of MySpace (Dwyer, Hiltz and Passerini 5). In other words, privacy in social networking sites can be protected, at least up to a level, even if the members of these sites actually set ‘the development of new relationships and the exchange of information’ (Dwyer, Hiltz and Passerini 3) as priorities. The above studies verify the first of this study’s hypothesis, i.e. that social networking sites are quite popular as tools of communication and for promoting business activities. The second of the ab ove studies reveals a critical fact: the involvement of social networking sites in privacy risks does not seem to discourage the users of these sites. The privacy risks related to the use of social networking sites are further analyzed below. Zilpelwar et al. (2012) highlight the popularity and the risks of social networking sites. According to Zilpelwar et al. (2012) a high range of social networking sites has been established for meeting the different needs of people. Indeed, apart from Facebook which is popular worldwide, there are also other social networking sites that address specific categories of people, such as Bebo, for people living in UK and Ireland, LinkedIn for professionals and Ning for those who wish to develop their own

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Mulveys Theory Of The Male Gaze |Critique

Mulveys Theory Of The Male Gaze |Critique In masochism, as in the infantile stage of the helpless dependence that marks its genesis, pleasure does not involve mastery of the female but submission to her. This pleasure applies to the infant, the masochist, and the film spectator as well. (Studlar 782) How does Studlars work on fetishism and masochism challenge Mulveys theory of the male gaze? Discuss in relation to films from classical era and contemporary cinema. Refer to film screened in this unit and films of your choice, with attention to mise-en-scene and narrative structure. Studlar challenges Mulveys theories on the male scopic pleasure as the bearer of control. Studlar also challenges Mulveys statement of the female as lack and instead suggests a sense of power from this lack; the female as a film complexity, being not necessarily the subject of the male gaze but rather the holder of the gaze. Firsly, I will discuss Mulveys theories and Studlars challenges, and compare and contrast the two. After discussing both theories in relation to one another, I will then call on examples from classic and contemporary cinema to justify my arguments and discuss the trends of Contemporary cinema with regards to psychoanalysis. In article Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, Mulvey argues in mainstream cinema, in relation to patriarchal society, women are being portrayed as an erotic object to be looked at in movies as well as an attraction to male gaze. Her theory explains that women are playing passive part in movies while men hold the strong and active character and play as a prominent subject. Therefore, Mulveys theory on male gaze is determined as a sexual pleasure in which male are able to obtain by looking at portrayal of female. (Laura Mulvey (1975). Visual pleasure and Narrative Cinema, in Gerald Mast, Cohen Baudry (eds). Film Theory: An Introduction. 5th ed, pp 746-757. Objectification of women in classical era and contemporary cinema as erotic and sensual figure is still applied. Mulveys work in this theory has been supported by feminist theory; it can be seen in the following quote from literary critics standpoint: In 1975, when Laura Mulvey published her groundbreaking study of woman in film her position as a signifier for the male other, as a projection of male fantasies, and, finally, as a bearer not maker of meaning she gave new shape and direction to the interdisciplinary field of womens studies, motivating scholars in many subject areas to examine and, most interestingly, re-examine the political, cultural, social and literary achievements of women through the ages (Despotopoulou, 569). (Despotopoulou, Anna. Fannys Gaze and the Construction of Feminine Space in Mansfield Park Modern Language Review 99 (2004): 569-583) Films such as The War of the Worlds (1953), The Thing from Another World (1951) give close to no female role/s who take part in advancing the narrative. But that is not to say that all films painted women as an indispensible element of spectacle (Mulvey 750). For example the 1939 film The Women by Metroà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ Goldwyn Mayer Productions is notable for its allà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ female cast. Although the content of the film could be argued, this is a clear example of women controlling the film narrative. Furthermore, her theory of male gaze can be seen in film Fifth Element. The character Leelo which is played by Milla Jovovich in the movie portrayed her as passive object erotic to be looked at. In mise-en-scene and narrative term, it can be shown that her character was touted as the Supreme Being and regarded as the ultimate weapon to counteract the attack from the evil being harming the world. However, the Supreme Being is also subjected to objectification with repetitive display of her breasts, body and being gazed by the casts (which, in effect, also enables its spectators to look at her in an erotic manner). While she is labeled as the Supreme Being, she certainly looked inferior, weak and vulnerable to Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis). Korben was the one who rescued her after being shot in the air duct. Mulvey argues women are regarded as fetishistic display for male viewers pleasure and the spectators embodies the subject (the active role), while the narrative film stands for the object which is the passive position (Carolina Hein, 2006, p. 4). Her concept of to-be-looked-at-ness, exemplifies that women were simply shown on screen in classic Hollywood in order to provide men with visual pleasure and have an erotic impact. Mulvey argues that the distinctive key protagonist within a classic Hollywood film was male and the audience members where similarly typically expected to be men. In classical era as well as contemporary cinema, women are generally passive characters who looked to males for protection and rescue. Gaylyn Studlars theory of Masochism and Perverse Pleasure refutes Laura Mulveys theory of Male gaze. According to Studlar, the viewing pleasure are transmitted to the spectators is derived from total submission to the female. Her theory believes that by using masochism, women are portrayed as idealized power figure, which are both dangerous and comforting, not such as discarded object (Studlar, 1985) (Gaylyn Studlar (1985) Masochism and the perverse pleasure of the Cinema, in Gerald Mast, Cohen Baudry (eds). Film Theory: An Introduction. 5th ed, pp 773-790). In my point of view, Studlars theory of masochism enables bisexual dualism. It means this theory creates an ability of freeing up gendered subjectivity to spectators in mainstream cinema. It technically enables viewer to see both genders, male and female as powerful object. Moreover, this theory confirms the conventional perception of womens incapacity, means that it can influence and change peoples perspective towards woman as being lack and weak. In classical era, movie like Alien (1979) exemplifies women as powerful character. The female character Ellen Ripley leads strong, independent and professional women character. In Alien, Ripley is the strong female character who makes active judgments and survives what is trying to kill her. The male characters activity is largely passive most die quickly, others wait for her command. It is Ripley who makes the plan to defeat the alien which works, while the powerless male Captain makes bad judgments as his unsure plan fails. (Movie analysis: Women in horror films: Ripley, the alien, and the monstrous feminine by Daniel Stephen, http://www.helium.com/items/132886-women-in-horror-films-ripley-the-alien-and-the-monstrous-feminine). Studlars theory in submissive masculine look term, the masculinity factors which are men supposed to portray is symbolized through women character. Instead of being passive character in the movie, Ripley plays as an active and protagonist character which is the opposite of Mulveys theory of male gaze. Ripley holds the gaze from the beginning of the movie until the end of it. One of the final scenes of the film takes place in an escape pod where singleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ handed, Ripley manages to overpower the invading alien. Ripley is shown as a character that is able to complete tasks that men were otherwise unable to complete. Likewise, Aliens representation of feminism shows women as alien to themselves (Jeffords 74). Jeffords, Susan. Battle of the Big Mommas: Feminism and Alienation. Journal of American Culture 10.3 (1987): 74. This portrayal of women releases the character of Ripley and eventually feminism. Ripley is shown as a Company Woman, reaffirmed at the end of the film when despite The Companys betrayal of herself and the entire crew, [she] disposes of the alien only to sit down and complete her captains log (Newton 297). Newton, Judith. Feminism and Anxiety in Alien in Symposium on Alien. Science Fiction Studies 7. Ed. Charles Elkins. 1980. 297. Her place in this Company Creates the questioning of her position in a patriarchal society. Another example of Studlars theory in contemporary cinema is Disney movie called Mulan.

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Today Im goanna talk about the difference between college applications in America and that in China. First of all, the requirement. In America we need a lot of things to apply to colleges, such as GAP SAT Recommendations essays and all sorts of things that can reflect you as a person. In china all we need is to take one entrance exam, called okay, which takes place once a year. It includes four subjects, math, Chinese, English, science.Each college has a particular score you have to get on that test in order to get in. K Advantages. In china, the system Is fair because everyone will be taking the same test. No matter who you are, you score will be based only on how well you did on that test. And whether you can get in colleges or not Is based solely on that score you get. So everyone has the same chance. In America, students are valued based on overall qualities, so whether we can get In college or not Is based on our abilities as a person rather than as a student.Also since we stude nts are valued on so many things, we eave more opportunities to make our profiles look stronger, as opposed to that In china, where we only have one chance for that test. K now lets talk about disadvantages. In china, to prepare for the entrance test Is very time-consuming. It usually takes three years to prepare for that test. Also the fact that It takes place only once a year makes It harder and more overwhelming. The disadvantage In America Is Its nontransparent, for there Is really no uniform standard of acceptance.We do not really how the decisions are made by admissions There are different causes behind each system. In china, the population Is large, so colleges do not have the split to get to know each of the students Like the way American colleges do. Also since almost all colleges are public colleges In china, we need to a uniform standard to everyone. In America, people come from diverse cultures, so It Is necessary to get to know each student. Also since most colleges are private-owned In America, the admissions have the absolute right to make decisions. K Advantages. N china, the system is fair because everyone will be taking the same test. And whether you can get in colleges or not is based solely on that score you get. Qualities, so whether we can get in college or not is based on our abilities as a person have more opportunities to make our profiles look stronger, as opposed to that in K now lets talk about disadvantages. In china, to prepare for the entrance test is fact that it takes place only once a year makes it harder and more overwhelming.The disadvantage in America is its nontransparent, for there is really no uniform tankard of acceptance. We do not really how the decisions are made by admissions There are different causes behind each system. In china, the population is large, so colleges do not have the spirit to get to know each of the students like the way American colleges do. Also since almost all colleges are public colleges in ch ina, we cultures, so it is necessary to get to know each student. Also since most colleges are private-owned in America, the admissions have the absolute right to make decisions.

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The word Impossible Impossible is a word that has been used to describe a multitude of situations. People have been told forever that their dreams and ambitions were impossible; this has inspired greatness and made the world what it is today. Everyone that has achieved anything great has been told that their idea was impossible. Daymond John, like all successful entrepreneurs, inspired me by defying the odds of his time and never listening to the word impossible. Daymond John is the CEO and Founder of the world recognized clothing company FIJBU.He is from Queens, New York and from an era that was all about defying what the world's version of â€Å"impossible† was for him. He is a 44 year old African American that started a clothing company out of his house that has become a 317 million dollar company that has taken on the world and defied everyone that said his dreams were impossible. From a young age the word impossible is something I have always loved to defy I grew up in Ro ckwood Oregon and went to Reynolds Middle school where the majority of my friends and kids were apart of gangs and doing drugs.My teachers told me I was not smart enough to get out the there and that I would end up like everyone else eventually. My parents moved me to the opposite part of town where I kept my mentality that my dreams and aspirations were going to be impossible. Until a teacher I hated told me I was not going to be anything and I was determined to change my life eventually I Joined the United States Army. Before Joining the army I was told that I would not make it because of the physical demands they were going to ask of me and I was too defiant.I was determined to prove everyone wrong in four years I became a SGT and got over a 300 on my physical aptitude test also shot an expert after every qualification. The word impossible became my potential. I thrived in high stress environments. Even though from a young age I have been told that most of my ambitions were impos sible. I never believed them. My Father told me a story when I was growing up that his dad always told him: he was† living in a fantasy land† when my Father would alk about robots in the future.Now days my Father is a head engineer for Intel and works on robots all day. When my Father tells me my dreams are impossible I tell him â€Å"l am Just living in a fantasy land and want to show the world what is in it. † My interpretation stands that nothing is impossible if I am willing to put in the work to prove to the world, but most importantly myself, that I am able to do whatever I put my mind to.At the times when I find myself questioning if I am going to be able to omplete my dreams and if the word impossible is going to finally defeat me, I remember a quote by Muhammad Ali that one of my Drill Sergeants told me to remember: â€Å"Impossible is Just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world theyVe been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing. â€Å"- Muhammad Ali Impossible By dougwilliamsmp

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Vesuvio - 1708 Words

Previous notes about case This report is about the Vesuvio Fonderia Company which was founded by the Lombardi family in 1912 and which is specialized in the production of precision metal castings for the aeronautics, automobile, and construction industry. This company was a very important one in Italy which can be verified by the fact that it had been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange Market (1991). The main questions for the company to face are related to: ââ€" ª Working with semi-automatic machines which have 6 years of usage. The new ones are highly automated and promise a higher expected life (8 years); ââ€" ª In terms of work quality the old machines are less productive combined with a lack of consistency. In contrast,†¦show more content†¦In both cases we would recommend the company to invest in the new Bond-O-Matic molding machine with a cost of capital of 17%. If we were assuming that the old semi-automated machines would still be working after 6 years and guaranteeing an operating life of 8 years, then we just had to compare the Net Present Values of both projects. In this case we only had to choose the less negative one because our calculation only contains the costs of both projects. On the other hand, if we were assuming that after six years we would have to buy new machines we must use the equivalent annual annuity approach because of the projects different time horizons. Either way we recommend the company to invest in the new Bond-O-Matic molding machine because that decision always provides the highest Net Present Value compared to its alternative. 5- Is there a problem of unequal lives? Who can you deal with it? In our case the Vesuvio Fonderia has to choose one out of two mutually exclusive projects. Either the company invests in a new Bond-O-Matic molding machine which needs to be replaced after eight years or they keep on working with their six old semi-automated ones. Those machines would probably need to be replaced after six years. Bond-O-Matic (FCF in 1000 lira) [pic] Semi-automatedShow MoreRelatedVolcano Mount Vesuvius3245 Words   |  13 PagesMount Vesuvius is a volcano located in southern Italy, near the bay of Naples and the city of Naples. It is the only active volcano on the European mainland. Vesuvius rises to a height of 1277 m (4190 ft). Vesuvio (Vesuvius) is probably the most famous volcano on earth, and is one of the most dangerous. Mount Vesuvius is a strato-volcano consisting of a volcanic cone (Gran Cono) that was built within a summit caldera (Mount Somma). The Somma-Vesuvius complex has formedRead MoreEssay about The History and Destruction of Vesuvius and Pompeii2108 Words   |  9 Pagesas any other, a city was frozen in time, and then buried for centuries. Mount Vesuvius actually contained to peaks that were capable of producing volcanic activity. The first peak, called Somma, was inactive at the time, while the second peak, Vesuvio was very active and was the peak that caused all of the damage on that faithful August day. The destruction caused by Mt. Vesuvius acted as a time capsule so that we could one day dig it up and learn what life was truly like in first century RomeRead MoreHosp 590 Course Project3431 Words   |  14 Pagescourse of minestrone soup, salad course offering a standard house salad with oil and balsamic salad dressing and a caprice salad for the table , pasta course featuring a penne in vodka sauce, intermezzo, main entrà ©e selected by guest of either: chicken Vesuvio, filet minion, salmon or a vegetarian dish. The dinner will have bread and wine available throughout the entire meal. Desert will consist of wedding cake and a traditional Italian sweet table. The kitchen and serving requirements will be thatRead MoreMount Vesuvius3985 Words   |  16 PagesMelbourne Museum. (Healley, 2007) Works Cited Anonymous, Surtseyan Eruptions., lt;http://library.thinkquest.org/17457/volcanoes/erupts.hydrovolcanian.phpgt;. Anonymous, The eruptive history of Vesuvius. lt;http://www.ov.ingv.it/inglese/vesuvio/storia/storia.htmgt;. Anonymous, The impacts of the Mt. Vesuvius Eruption of 79 A.D., lt;http://library.thinkquest.org/04oct/01096/tasks.htmlgt;. Borade, Gaynor. Facts About Mount Vesuvius. lt;http://www.buzzle.com/articles/facts-about-mount-vesuvius

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Inside the Holocaust Biography of Adolf Hilter Essay

Inside the Holocaust Inside of this report tells about Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Soldiers. The Nazi Soldiers are people who despise Jewish people. Adolf Hitler began a legacy that will never be forgotten by many Jews. Adolf Hitler started the whole Holocaust which is now history. Read on to find out more. Adolf Hitler’s Biography Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau Am Inn, Austria on April 20, 1889 (www.biography.com). Adolf Hitler was the fourth of six children. His brothers and sisters didn’t encourage anything that Hitler was involved in. Hitler’s parents didn’t even know. His parent’s names are Alois Hitler and Klara Plozl. Hitler moved to Germany when he was 3 years old. His mother said he was always drawing and that†¦show more content†¦A woman named Ilse Koch. The Nazis called her â€Å"Inhumane† and â€Å"Depraved†(www.stormfront.org). She walked around the camp naked and if any Jew simply glanced at her she would shoot them in the head on the spot. Ilse was married so she felt mad when they looked at her. After the war she hung herself and said she was consumed by guilt in 1967. Another man named Klaus is the one who stripped the Jews and then took their clothes. He murdered them by putting them in the Gas Chambers. Camps and Killings There were exactly 14 camps. They are named Auschwitz, Balzac, Bergen, Buchenwald, Chelmno, Dachau, Flossenburg, Majdanek, Mauthausen, Ravensbruck, Sachsenhausen, lastly Sabibor. The Official name for these camps is called Concentration camps. Taking the lead with the most killings is camp Auschwitz with 2,000,000 killings. Over 1.1 Million children were killed (www.jewishhistory.com ). What Does Hitler Have Against The Jews? Hitler HATES Jews because after the World War he believes a Jew caused the loss. Hitler also believed that since his grandma died after having a Jewish doctor that the Jewish doctor made her die. This was false. She died because of cancer he just refused to believe it. He also had a Jewish art teacher that said that he cannot draw. (www.Randomfacts.com ) Hitler’s Death Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunk by swallowing a pill and then shooting himself in the head. Hitler’s wife that heShow MoreRelatedThe Themes and Motivations Behind George Orwells 19842682 Words   |  11 PagesEton, several key historical happenings occurred that would shape his later years. Eric learned of the Armistice that ended World War I, (and though he was not yet politically affiliated), he also read of men by the names of Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler. (Hitler, n.d. Stalin, n.d.) Though these men were involved in two very different spectrums of governance, both would later play a very important part in molding Eric’s political ideals. While at Eton, Eric’s tutor was A.S.F. Gow, a fellow